Home Trends: Unique Kitchen Lighting

Thursday September 24, 2020

Some trends are temporary while others are permanent. Not only is lighting in the kitchen becoming a trend, but it can help you increase your home value as well.

So what exactly is the trend in kitchen lighting? Lighting that stands out!

The trend is commonly seen when paired with a bar or kitchen island. Hanging lights above the kitchen bar or island can not only help illuminate the room and that area in particular, but it’s become more of a centerpiece in the space.




The trend shows that not only are the lights a centerpiece that attract the eye, but that kitchen islands and bars are must-have items on many homebuyers’ lists of needs. If you do not have a kitchen island or bar, the effect won’t be quite the same but definitely still doable!




Although the lights are meant to stand out, the trend involves a minimalist approach. One light or two identical hanging lights are the common trend. The more uncommon and unusual the lighting, the more interesting effect it has on the kitchen space.

An industrial touch on the lighting has also been seen to be on the rise. Metals in general have been trending for a while.




The trend isn’t limited to industrial lighting alone. Playful lighting has also been seen as a recent trend.




Sometimes the trend involves mixing themes, such as industrial or metallics with rustic. Here is the perfect example of what the final result would look like.




Whether you’re planning to stay in your home or sell it, have a little fun with the kitchen lighting trend. Lighting can be easily replaced but can help your kitchen have a wow factor that homebuyers want.