Our Commercial Customers

We are in the know about your business and industry’s specialized electrical needs, from retail to restaurants, institutional and industrial facilities, and beyond. No two industries or facilities are alike, and power needs can vary greatly. We have knowledge across a broad spectrum of industries. We put our name and reputation behind every service and installation we perform and strive to exceed our customers expectations.
Mobile home communitites

Mobile Home Communities

Chapple Electric specializes in manufactured housing communities, and mobile home electrical installation and repair. We understand the high standards, commitments and processes of the community management companies and owners, and mobile home set up companies.

We provide professional, prompt service for all mobile home communities and the residents of the community. We will work directly with your residents to schedule appointments for individual services calls. Simply leave them our contact information - it's that easy!

Commercial electrical projects for your community, such as generator back-ups, well-houses, and street light projects, require far greater expertise than typical electrical repairs and we can do it all! Call us today to discuss the plans and goals for your community!

Apartment & Homeowner Associations

When it comes to electrical services for Michigan apartment complexes, multi-family properties, condominiums and other commercial residential complexes, there is no room for error. Too many people depend on the property owner for properly-functioning and up-to-date electrical systems, and no property manager can afford to lose tenants due to electrical problems.

At Chapple Electric, we provide Michigan commercial residential properties with the most complete selection of electrical construction services available. Our property management electrical services specialists offer new construction wiring, facility upgrades, new builds, renovation and expansion electrical services, lighting control, energy saving audits and implementation programs, emergency services, and more.

Municipal & Government

Citizens depend upon emergency services in the wake of a severe storm. In a severe disaster, you’ll need power for municipal buildings to establish shelters and command centers. We specialize in generator installations to ensure you are prepared!

We understand all of the vast needs of a city and its infrastructure, and we can handle everything from the smallest electrical repair to retro-fitting your entire downtown!

Chapple Electric has the professional staff and experience to design, build, deliver, install and maintain an electrical system that's done right. Whether you need lighting maintenance, an overhaul of your system, or new parking lot lighting, electricians of Chapple Electric provide comprehensive electrical services in the Metro-Detroit Area, and all surrounding counties.


Chapple Electric is a trusted company for all your Church and Worship Center electrical needs. From changing sanctuary lights to total new lighting retrofit, our expert electricians can provide energy efficient, customized lighting for a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. Lighting can bring a new look to your property or bring new focus and attention to a certain area, and also provide convenience and security.

A skilled commercial electrician is a necessity for any business. Commercial electrical projects require far greater expertise than typical home electrical repairs. In addition, the quality of electrical work performed has a direct effect on not only the aesthetics of your location, but also its overall function.

Sports Facilities & Fitness Gyms

Chapple Electric can install a sports lighting system tailored to meet your every need.

From updating your existing system to installing a complete new lighting system, we will meet with you to discuss your goals and help you save money and save energy. Sports-and-Gym-Facility-Lighting-Retrofits

Today more than ever, safety and security are coming under close scrutiny, and improved lighting is a huge part in keeping our parking lots, and businesses safe for their customers.

Chapple Electric has long been an industry leader in advancing LED and controls technologies that improve efficiency and reduce costs while also helping to enhance and protect our environment.

Call today for more information or to schedule an estimate for your project. Chapple Electric will provide detailed explanations and up-front pricing, free of unexpected expenses and overtime charges, so you can decide the best course of action for your business.

Gas Stations/Convenience Stores

According to NACS, not only does the U.S. convenience store industry account for more than $680 billion in sales, but 80% of all fuel sales nationwide are attributed to convenience stores that sell fuel. That means a lot of customers depend on you.

We understand the demand of your business, and we are here to help with your large commercial projects, including back-up generators, parking lot lighting, service upgrades, and maintenance. Your customer’s safety, security and high demand for fuel is our priority in meeting your needs.


In the U.S., the education system represent 1.6% of total U.S. energy consumption. A typical 50,000-square-foot building uses more than $100,000 worth of energy each year—with lighting representing 31% of electricity use.

Instituting energy-saving measures such as energy-efficiency lighting retrofits, offers significant opportunities for schools to free up funds that can be used to meet academic objectives and educate more students.

Retail & Office Buildings

At Chapple Electric, we provide dependable retail and commercial electrical contracting services for stores and offices throughout Michigan. Our retail commercial electric services include lighting control for indoor and outdoor spaces, energy saving programs, retail wiring, electric panel and subpanel maintenance and installation, facility upgrades, and more. From small retail shops to large stores, our electric contractors handle every project with professionalism, punctuality, and proper care and caution.

Chapple Electric supplies energy efficient retail electric services for a variety of locations, including the following:

Auto dealerships
Department stores
Grocery stores
Shopping malls
And more!

When it comes to electric installation for Michigan commercial offices, we understand that our clients need to run their businesses while the work is being carried out. Whether you need to improve your office lighting or decrease your energy usage, or perhaps you simply need to replace your existing wiring with an upgraded system, we can help.

Contact us today for a free consultation and see why Michigan businesses choose Chapple Electric for retail and office electrical contracting services.


When hospitals and medical facilities in Michigan need reliable healthcare industry electrical services, they contact Chapple Electric. From electrical upgrades and lighting control to energy cost reductions and new building wiring, we far exceed the stringent requirements for electrical work in the healthcare industry.

In a world where “failure is not an option” has become the mantra for virtually every emergency power application, healthcare facilities are unique in that failure could means loss of life. Chapple Electric has the latest in information, tools, and technology to ensure safety and success. We perform work right the first time, preventing safety hazards and the hassles of further delays.

Manufacturing & Warehouse

We can design and build an entire electrical system from scratch or remodel and rewire your current system. Dedicated to our customers, we also do service upgrades and energy savings upgrades for any system. Our experienced team is licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection.

In a manufacturing environment, even a small power outage could lead to hours of costly downtime as equipment is set up and raw materials are prepared. Lighting and climate control in a warehouse are critical to ensuring that customers will receive their inventory according to schedule.

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