7 Ingenious Ways to Use LED Lighting

Friday October 09, 2020

Lighting has come a long way from its origins as a way to extend the working day. Today, thanks to the versatility of technology, lighting has become a key component of interior design. It helps us accentuate and reveal the beauty of our homes, while also providing functionality.

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are tiny light sources that require less energy and are more durable than traditional incandescent light bulbs. They can also be fashioned into different shapes and emit far less heat than traditional bulbs, making them suitable to put in places you would never have thought to put a light bulb, such as under a couch, to create a stunning modern look in your living room. The versatility of LEDs has brought indirect lighting to the forefront of modern interior lighting design, creating a realm of fabulous possibilities.

Here are some ingenious ways you can use LED lighting in your home for both flair and function.



Elegant Accent Lighting

Using a combination of LED lamps, strip lighting and bulbs in regular light fixtures, LED lighting can transform a home simply by accentuating certain features. For example, you can place colored strip lighting under a couch, direct a colored lamp at a wall to create a striking focal point and install strip lighting along the countertop of a bar or table to highlight the piece. LED lighting also comes in a wide array of whites, so you can find the perfect illumination for your room. Some LED bulbs offer tunable white light, so that you can change the whiteness of your lighting to suit your needs.


LED_Image 3

Magical Motion Sensing

Rather than have one glaring light bulb dangling in the middle of the closet that casts shadows over everything, install LED lighting strips above your clothes. Pair them with a motion sensor to instantly illuminate your clothing when you open the door. Another great use of the motion-sensor and LED lighting pairing is in a nursery. Put LED strips under the crib that will illuminate when you open the door, so you can have a clear view of baby without bright lights shining on him and waking him up.


LED_Image 4

Experience Home Theater Lighting

One of the best features of LED lighting is the ability to change color. Use colored LED bulbs and strip lighting behind and around your television to create an immersive experience, or opt for color-changing LED lighting, like the Hue bulbs made by Philips. With this technology in place, you can have the lights change color intuitively to suit the mood of the movie or television program you are watching.


LED_Image 5

Shine a Light on The Stairs

Stairs are often overlooked when it comes to lighting design. Leaving stairwells dark is not only unattractive, but it can be dangerous, too. Simple LED strip lighting under each step can vastly improve your view and turn your staircase into a focal point of your home. Alternatively, if you have a bannister, adding a strip of LED lights along its base will also subtly illuminate the space.


LED_Image 6

Wow with Under-Cabinet Lighting

Another often dark and gloomy place in a home is the counterspace overshadowed by your cabinets. Installing LED strip lighting here will instantly make your kitchen look bigger and brighter and provide you with more usable workspace. Colored lighting adds a significant “wow” factor to your kitchen, especially if you upgrade to color-changing smart lighting controlled via smartphone. You can choose a fun, vibrant color when entertaining, or opt for bright white when cooking.


LED_Image 7

Create Cool Corridor Lighting

Traditionally, corridors are illuminated by one or two light fixtures in, or hanging from, the ceiling. This often leaves the space dominated by shadows and feeling dark and unappealing. LED ceiling lighting can transform a corridor into a modern marvel, making it look cool and crisp or warm and inviting, depending on the light you choose. If you have crown molding, install LED light strips along it to provide an elegant indirect light.


LED_Image 8

Brighten the Bathroom

Most older bathrooms have light fixtures above the mirror, which cast shadows on your face. Side lighting is far more flattering and gives you a truer comparison to natural daylight. LED lighting can be incorporated into your mirror to provide the correct light without adding new fixtures. If you already have a large framed mirror, you can retrofit LED strip lighting into the frame for a fully fabulous lighting effect.

The great thing about LED lighting is its versatility, so don’t be scared to experiment. It’s easy to change things up—especially if you opt for color-changing LEDs. While color-changing LEDs are more of an upfront expense, they make re-lighting a room when you change the decor or paint color as easy as pressing a button. Some LED lights will even let you match the color of the bulb to the color of your walls or furniture simply by taking a picture of it. Now that’s ingenious!