Myths about Electrical Safety

Thursday May 04, 2017


There are a lot of things you can do to be safe when it comes to electricity.

Part of being safe means being knowledgeable about the dangers of electricity and being able to recognize fact from fiction.

Here are just a few common myths about electrical safety.

Myth: When a power line falls to the ground, it is automatically dead. 
Truth: A downed line might still be live. Call 9-1-1 if you see a downed line and do not go near it.

Myth: Rubber shoes can protect you from being electrocuted. 
Truth: Only shoes that are 100 percent rubber can protect you from electrocution. Typical shoes are mixed with rubber and cheaper materials that will not provide full protection from electricity.

Myth: Things made of wood cannot conduct electricity. 
Truth: Wood is a poor conductor, but it can still conduct electricity. Especially when wet! Be careful if you are using a wooden ladder to do house work around electricity.

Myth: All extension cords are weatherproof. 
Truth: Not all extension cords are designed for outside use. If using extension cords for holiday lighting or other outside use, make sure your extension cords are specifically labeled for outdoor use.

Myth: All power lines are insulated. 
Truth: A majority of power lines are uninsulated. ALWAYS stay away from power lines.



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Myths about Electrical Safety

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