LED Lightbulbs

Friday March 11, 2016

Did you hear the news? General Electric announced earlier this month that it is going to stop make CFL light bulbs (also known as the swirly ones) and instead focus on only producing LED lightbulbs. LED's have been shown to use less power than any other light bulb technology, while lasting for many more years.

If you are still considering about making the switch to LED consider the following:

Longer Life Span

LED lights are built to last up to 100,00 hours. CFL's 10,000 and Incandescents, 1,200 hours. Although an LED bulb will cost more to purchase upfont conside this: To provide lighting for 50,00 hours of use you would need: One LED bulb, 5 CFL bulbs and 42 Incandescents!

Ecologically Friendly

LED lightbulbs do not contain any toxic materials and are 100% recylable. CFL lightbulbs contain Mercury.

Flexible Design Options

LED lightbulbs can be made in a variety of shapes and designs to fit into a variety of light sockets. Plus many LED bulbs have the ability to display different colors

Instant Light

Many older LED's and CFL lightbulbs need to 'warm-up' before they emitted their full lighting power. Newer LED's have instant brightness when turned on.

Home Connectivity

Although a newer technology, and still expensive, LED's have the ability to be 'smart' and can connect to your homes wireless network. This allows you to control your lights from an app on your smartphone or through your computer. Perfect for turning the lights on and off when you are away on vacation for home safety purposes.



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LED Lightbulbs

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