3 Critical Steps to Maintaining Your Generator

Monday July 25, 2016


With each passing year, our society's reliance on an unlimited supply of electric power continues to increase. Because investing in such a system can be quite expensive — companies and homeowners must understand what it takes to properly operate and maintain their power equipment, as a lack of generator maintenance or operation knowledge will undoubtedly result in generator failure at a time when you need it most.

1.       Perform General Maintenance

You’ll want to clean your generator, which means removing grease, mud, fuel, etc. from the working parts of the generator. Next, you need to look at the overall condition of the generator — corroded elements, wiggly wires, sticky buttons, etc. Also, check for any shaky connections and frayed wiring. What’s more, if your generator has sucked in any dirt or leaves, make sure to clean out the area. If debris gets into your generator’s alternator, it could end up destroying it!

2.       Start Your Generator Regularly 

This may come as a surprise to some, but if your generator is not being put to use on a regular basis, it’s important to fire it up at quarterly intervals to ensure that it’s running without a hitch.  Starting and running your generator provides several benefits such as lubricating the engine, drying out the alternator, and cleaning up the carburetor. Also, for portable generators only, it is important that you mix a good gasoline preservative with the fuel — this will keep the gasoline fresh, and keep the carb clean.  And you should always allow your carburetor to run all the fuel out by closing the tank valve after 10 minutes, which will empty the carburetor each time.

3.       Get it Serviced

A maintenance appointment is a must. We will ensure the battery is checked and the lubricant oil and filters are changed, amongst any other necessary repairs. This should be an annual task whether or not the generator has been operated throughout the year. Storm season is well underway, call us to schedule your appointment today.

For some, generators are complex, magical pieces of equipment. For others, they’re cold, efficient machines. Regardless of your perception though, if general maintenance is done properly and you follow the instructions above, when the power goes out, you will be able to count on your generator.




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3 Critical Steps to Maintaining Your Generator

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