Parking Lot Lighting: What You Need to Know

Monday August 17, 2020


Although a well-lit parking lot is essential for a good business, many companies neglect to think about their parking lot lighting.

But just like a clean, organized interior, the exterior of your building reflects the company and its values. You want customers, employees, and associates to view your building as a warm, inviting place.

When the parking lot is barely lit, it lowers the customers’ confidence in the business and lowers the number of customers visiting at night, which will impact your weekly sales.

You also need to consider that just one incident of theft, harassment, or violence in your under-lit parking lot at night could lose you the trust of both customers and employees. Don’t risk it! Also, if you use video surveillance, or you’re considering it, brighter lights will let your cameras capture a better picture, bettering your chances of finding the culprit.

Why LED Lighting?

For years, outdoor parking areas have been illuminated by High-intensity discharge (HID) fixtures. In recent years, there has been a rapidly growing trend to switch out these old HID fixtures with new LED fixtures.

The reason for this change is due the many downfalls of HID; The glaring issues being that HID is not aesthetically pleasing, they consume a significant amount of power, their overall light quality is low, and they’re more expensive to maintain.

LED parking lot lights consume significantly less power, require zero maintenance, and they provide an overall better quality of light, which makes them the best alternative to HID fixtures. Outdoor LED fixtures, such as canopy lights, wall packs, area lights, flood lights, and dusk to dawn lights can last up to 90,000 hours longer than HID and consume up to 90% less power than HID fixtures. Meaning that your typical payback period is less than two years!

The benefits of making the switch to LED include energy savings, minimal maintenance, life longevity, safety, brightness and color quality. These benefits alone outweigh the upfront cost it would take to buy and install new LED fixtures in your parking lot.

How We Can Help

Think of your business, your bottom-line, your safety and security, your sales, and most importantly—the people to which your business owes everything—your employees and customers. You want them to feel taken care of, not left out in the dark. Turn off the horror movie and let your parking lot lighting shine.

We offer various outdoor lighting, including lighting maintenance as well as new installations of streetlights and parking lots. We use the best in equipment and tools to meet your outdoor lighting needs as efficiently as possible.

We provide prompt and reliable service for all your aerial electrical needs. Our trucks offer up to a 50 ft. range and are uniquely fitted to easily access areas that many other bucket trucks find difficult to reach. These capabilities save time and in-turn save you money.

Upgrading to LED or notice a light out?  Chapple Electric is here to help. Contact us today.